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DARPG Personality Maker RNG

Thu Oct 3, 2013, 8:03 AM
To Use:
For each category simply open up and put 1 in the min section and the max number given next to each category in the max section and hit generate. Do this with all or only some of the categories, if you don't like what you get you can always re-role.
Works best if you add multiple quirks and fears.

Made by
:iconlivid-star: :iconmeg006: :iconkique7:

Base Personality 1-50
1. Lazy: I don't focus. Being a couch potato is more appealing.
2. Energybomb: ZIP! ZOOM! WEEEE! I'm hyper active and that means I'm really hard to train and getting my attention will take a lot of patience. I will need a lot of activation to tire me out.
3. Snob: Hmmpft…You're not good enough to command me .
4. Bipolar: WOO I'm focused! I'm happy! I'm annoyed and refuse to do anything you tell me.
5. Nervous: I heard something out there…I'm pretty sure I heard something…*perks ears and stares intently*
6. Dumb: Remembering all of those commands and obstacles is hard. You'll have to be patient and teach me more than once.
7. Intelligent: Make sure you keep my kibble and food in a safe place because I WILL find it. I'm also an escape artist; have fun keeping me chained up
8. Born Leader: You think you're the alpha? HA
9. Show Off: I'm the bee's knees. I'm the best thing since sliced bread. I can be really good and focused sometimes but I can also be really hard to control other times.
10. Jokester: I'm mischievous and I love to cause trouble but you'll laugh it off because I'm too cute
11. Brave: Nothing can shake me, bring it on.
12. Bombproof: Chill out, everything's fine.
13. Excitable: *perks ears* I just heard something outside; excuse me while I bark for a few hours.
14. Push-Button: Whatever you want I'll give it to you. Done deal.
15. Einstein: I know every command. I memorized every course and I can do pretty much anything without any help from you.
16. Diverse: I'm a jack of all trades. I can do any discipline and I'm the best there is!
17. Finicky: If you don't know what you're doing, I won't give you the time of day
18. Challenge: I'm going to do exactly what you don't want me to do. You're going to need a lot of patience to deal with me.
19. Dopey: I can stand still for you but I really want that treat so I'll just crawl really slowly towards you, I don't think you'll notice me moving…I'm adorable
20. Veteran: I've done it and I know
21. Serious: Fun? What is this fun you speak of? We need to buckle down and train this until it is flawless.
22. Guardian: I'm loyal to my ways. I will do whatever is asked of me and I respect others who follow my values.
23. Nurturer: I'm a warm and loving canine. I'm compassionate towards others and I see the best in everyone.
24. Caregiver: I'm giving and I feel great happiness when I am able to please others.
25. People-Pleaser: I will do whatever you want because you're happiness is the most important thing. I'll stay as long as you want, go as fast as you please and when we do schutzhund or obedience I'll literally be on your heels never taking an eye off of you.
26. Mechanic: I am direct. I'm quick and decisive and you'll never need to worry if I'm on track.
27. Performer: I love the spot light! I love to be the center of attention and performing for a crowd.
28. Artist: I'm somewhat reticent but once I let down my guard and get to know you, you'll love me. I'm devoted to those I know well.
29. Executive: I'm decisive and quick to leap into things. Although. I'm not always prepared to handle the outcome of those situations
30. Scientist: I keep to myself and analyze everything
31. Visionary: I'm highly enthusiastic and innovative but my fast track mind can easily become distracted.
32. Thinker: I'm ingenuous and I love new things. New challenges excite me so keep them coming!
33. Giver: I'm gentle and loving and I'm great with all people. I tend to draw out the shy crowd. I am especially good with kids, the elderly or anyone that needs my assistance
34. Protector: I am 100% devoted to my owner. I have strong instincts and I will do anything to keep you safe.
35. Idealist: If you need something from me I will do it, no questions asked. Yelling or harsh words are not needed. I'm laid back and easy to please.
36. Wall Flower: I don't like to be the center of attention. I have a really hard time putting myself out there and my shyness can be really overwhelming sometimes. I need lots of TLC in order to bring out my confidence.
37. Royalty: If you want anything out of me you will need to kiss my tail. I like my food warmed up and one egg yolk mixed in. I know you've got some table scraps too, so you'll be giving those to me, you can't ignore this face. When we walk I'll be ahead of you and my leash, collar and harness better match and when it's cold I want my sweater. Rainy days are off limits and I if you want me to break a sweat, you better think again. Now kiss my paw.
38. Pet: I love laying on your lap. We don't have to go anywhere or do anything let's just snuggle all day. Now rub my belly OH and there's that spot behind my ear. I also wouldn't mind some of that food you're eating...
39. Stubborn: You want to train schutzhund today? NOPE
40. Flighty: Fickle and irresponsible. I might be fine one second but I'll act up during the worst possible moment. I'm whimsical but you'll probably find it annoying.
41. Scaredy-Cat: FIREWORKS?! THUNDER?! CHANGE?!... I'll be under the bed if you need me.
42. Timid: I'm not sure I can do this, promise to stay with me and walk me through it.
43. Dominant: You might think you're in charge but everyone knows I'm the boss. I'm difficult to control so you'll need to be firm with me
44. Shy: I'm not going out there. Please don't let that judge touch me.  
45. Focused: I'm extremely driven. Whatever you want me to do I'll go above and beyond and exceed your highest expectations.
46. Party Animal: Forget about work, let's have fun all day. Throw me that ball and keep it coming!
47. Sweet: Hi, wanna cuddle? Here's my cuddle face. *awwwwwwwwww*
48. Tranquil: I'm calm,cool and collected.
49. Animated: I'm high spirited and I'll try anything once.
50. Lover: I need constant attention and I hate being away from you

Quirks 1-100
1. Does not like men
2. Does not like women
3. Does not like children
4. Loves to compete and can't wait to be off to somewhere new and exciting
5. Hates competing, prefers to stay safely at home
6. Loves to chew on the leash
7. Right after you set me up in a stack, I sit down the next second
8. I spin in circles when I am excited
9. When I get tired I will run into you and wobble
10. Loves the vet, they sometimes have treats
11. Hates the vet, weird smells and needles!
12. Cocks head to side when I run
13. Can unlatch kennel door
14. Is aggressive toward people
15. Is aggressive towards dogs
16. Loves all kinds of water
17. Hates any and all kinds of water
18. Hates to get baths
19. Loves baths
20. Very vocal
21. Hardly ever barks
22. Plays to rough with people
23. Plays to rough with dogs
24. Always plays nicely with others
25. I am mouthy, I love to nibble and chew on people and things
26. Is easily distracted
27. Squirrel crazed, nothing can stop me from getting to that squirrel
28. Is usually focused, especially when working
29. Will stand, sit or lay down for hours if you want them to
30. Hates to stand still or wait anywhere for long
31. Checks everyone's pockets for treat, and any closed hands to
32. Will chase any small moving thing, birds, critters or objects
33. Doesn't like others to come near their kennel
34. Loves cats
35. Hates cats, will bark and try to chase them
36. Gets along well with any and all kinds of animals
37. Loves to be pets, will do anything for affection
38. I appear aloof when you pet me, I could care less
39. I hate the rain, won't go out when it is wet
40. When it is windy I get frisky
41. I love the snow, I chase every flying snowflake
42. I hate the snow, won't go near it
43. Walks off when you are trying to teach me something new
44. When I am let off leash, I run around like a crazy dog
45. I hate it when people touch my paws
46. I hate it when people touch my ears
47. I like to chase leaves
48. Learns quickly and can be taught many tricks in a short amount of time
49. I always pull on the leash
50. I walk nicely on the leash at all times
51. Mild separation anxiety
52. Severe separation anxiety
53. I do well when left alone
54. I have a tendency to guard my toys or treats
55. I guard my food and water bowl
56. Loves to dig
57. Jumps up on people when excited
58. Loves to cuddle
59. Has selective hearing when commands are given
60. Doesn't come or rarely comes when called
61. Likes to be by them self, independent
62. Likes to dig through garbage
63. Can be over confident when trying new things
64. Can get over excited when greeting people or other dogs
65. Loves female dogs
66. Loves male dogs
67. Only sleeps on back
68. Likes to lick windows
69. Likes to play with clothes
70. Can be an escape artist
71. Loves going on walks
72. Chews shoes
73. Has a short attention span
74. Responds instantly to commands
75. Likes to be the boss
76. Very submissive around other dogs
77. Will do anything for treats
78. Does everything in a serious manner
79. Loves to act rowdy and foolish
80. Likes to cause trouble
81. Loves chew toys
82. Loves squeaky toys
83. Loves any type of ball
84. Becomes bored easily
85. Protective of children and babies
86. Is dominant around other dogs
87. Has a strong working drive
88. Will play hours of fetch
89. Hates being left alone
90. Loves to tease other dogs
91. Is very motivated by praise
92. Loves to show off
93. Is shy around new people
94. Is shy around new dogs
95. Doesn't like crowds
96. Likes to flirt with the opposite gender
97. Barks, whines and howls for no apparent reason
98. Chases things with moving faster than it
99. Chases cars and trucks
100. Howls when cell phones ring

Worst Fear 1-50
1. Loud Noises
2. Thunder
3. Plastic Bags
4. Cars and trucks
5. Skateboards
6. Bikes
7. Camera Flash
8. Chickens
9. Cows
10. Balloons
11. Siren Noises
12. Flickering Lights
13. Water
14. Fire and smoke
15. Horses
16. Cats
17. Dropping objects
18. Grooming brush
19. Grooming clippers
20. Needles
21. Water bottles
22. Small dark spaces
23. Children
24. Men
25. Women
26. Fireworks
27. Riding in cars
28. Going up or down stairs
29. Strangers
30. Large dogs
31. Small dogs
32. Squeaky toys
33. Vacuum cleaners
34. Spray bottles
35. Birds
36. New places
37. Hardwood/tile floors
38. Changes in routine
39. Sheep
40. All kinds of farm animals
41. Things flapping in the wind
42. Gun/Gunshot
43. Crates
44. Being left alone
45. Cell phones ringing
46. Quick unexpected movements
47. Conformation Judge
48. Bees, wasps, hornets, anything that stings and buzzes
49. Construction vehicles
50. Wind and rain

Pack Mentality 1-20
1. Leader of the pack
2. Bullies other dogs
3. A loner, prefers and is comfortable to be by themself
4. Wants to be apart of the pack but gets bullied and left out
5. A follower, happy to be in the middle of the pack and to let others make decisions
6. Looks out for younger or weaker dogs
7. Forever a puppy. Loves to play and annoy others
8. Plays best with smaller dogs
9. Plays best with bigger dogs
10. Is very serious about relaxing without being bothered by others
11. Snaps at others if they get to close
12. Prefers the company of humans over dogs
13. Loves everyone and everyone loves them
14. Second in command
15. Hates males but is best friends with the females
16. Hates females but is best friends with the males
17. Likes to play the submissive role and loves to be chased
18. Loves to herd the other dogs
19. Always grumpy around other dogs, snaps and growls at everyone
20. Gets over excited about every dog they meet

Dog vs Handler/Owner 1-15
1. Easy dog to be around, sits at your feet and is quiet and calm
2. People with treats are the dogs best friend
3. Dislikes the two legged ones
4. Likes to run away when off leash, plays keep away
5. Comes right away when called and off leash
6. Horrible leash manners, chews on leash, pulls, weaves from side to side, ect.
7. Has great leash manners
8. Has little or no respect for handler, it has to be earned
9. Hard to get on a leash, dog gets excited and runs in circles at the thought of going somewhere
10. Easy to leash, practically leashes itself
11. Is good with all humans, even the small loud ones
12. Is good around adults but hates the weird miniature ones that scream
13. Gets along well with strangers, only concern is being licked to death
14. Hates strangers, growls, barks and may need to wear a muzzle around them
15. Is aloof towards new people. If I don't see them they don't see me.

Favorite Treat 1-30

1. Meat of any kind
2. Cheese
3. Chicken
4. Bacon
5. Beef
6. Cookie type treats
7. Milkbones
8. Cat food/treats
9. Salmon/fish flavored treats
10. Duck
11. Veggies of all kinds
12. Apple
13. Banana
14. Carrots
15. Peppermint candy
16. All natural bones, meatier the better
17. Homemade treats
18. Anything store bought
19. Hotdog
20. Eggs
21. Dental care treats
22. Tomato
23. Zucchini/Cucumber
24. Jerky type treats
25. Bully sticks
26. Rawhide treats
27. Pig ears
28. Sweet potato
29. Anything and everything
30. Doesn't like treats, prefers toys

HARPG Version

Skin by Nesmaty (modified by Livid-Star)
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